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Check out my latest guest author intervuu with Simon van der Velde here: Zuu’s Intervuus – Zuzanne Belec. Also featured here are wonderful folks, such as Patty Wiseman, Ian Steventon, Maryann Miller, Beem Weeks, Allan Hudson and Nannette Kreitzman!

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Check out our latest author intervuu with Ian Steventon here: Zuu’s Intervuus – Zuzanne Belec

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My latest newsletter is out! If you want to find out more, you can sign up here: About Zuu – Zuzanne Belec




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Former broadcaster and now ‘barefoot’ author of sci-fi, paranormal and satire novels (as well as short story writer), Stewart Bint, is my first reviewer this year! Thank you for reading my collection, Stewart, and for taking the time to post your lovely review!  You can read Stewart’s Amazon review of my collection below:  

                               “…the collection oozes atmosphere, … (5-star) – Stewart Bint




Yaaay! I’ve been interviewed by author of The Drake Alexander series (among other), Allan Hudson. His World War II novella, Father, is now available! In his blog, South Branch Scribbler, Allan covers a whole range of creative interests and has many guests over – check them out! You can also find  the interview with me here: South Branch Scribbler: The Story Behind the Story with Zuzanne Belec of the Czech Republic. (allanhudson.blogspot.com) Thank you for having me on, Allan!   

January, 2022 



Thank you for visiting my site (and for reading my book, if you already have). I wish each and every one of you a safe and peaceful 2022!  

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 January, 2022